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Lactate threshold represents the level of exercise intensity at which lactate production has increased to the point where lactate has overwhelmed the body’s ability to remove lactate, which causes the muscles to fatigue or stop working properly. For you, as an athlete, it is indispensable to find out what your Lactate threshold is, so that you can avoid going over your threshold, and consequently avoid quick fatigue or exhaustion. By knowing your threshold you will be able to measure your efforts and create proper individual training zones. Training Zones are achieved by utilizing heart rate monitors or wattage meters with which you guide your individual training.
















Lactate threshold can be determined at a lab, or in the field of the athlete’s training environment. The laboratory provides a setting where sports physiologists can control external conditions, such as wind, heat, and humidity. By using a testing devise, you perform a series of interval efforts (usually 3 minute interval efforts), which gradually increase in intensity. At this point blood lactate production can be measured and your own individual threshold is determined. This information is used by you or your coach to design ideal training zones that will allow you to attain your next level of fitness

Lactate Testing



After we get the results from our lab test (Lactate Threshold Test), typically the very next day, we proceed with a series of field tests using power meters. This will allow us to verify or make adjustments to the results obtained by the lab test.

The field test involves a series of intervals that  will help determine your own threshold.  The intervals range from 1 minutes to 7 minutes efforts.
One of our main goals at www.myveloride.com is to have you leave our camps with a clear understanding of where you are, as far as fitness level goes, and a plan of how to reach your next level.

VO2max Testing


The VO2max is by definition the maximal ability of an individual to consume oxygen. VO2max is just an indicative of the ability to performed aerobic work. In general, the higher the VO2max the more aerobic work one can perform.  In order for an athlete to have a high VO2max, the athlete must be able to deliver a large volume of blood to the muscle (high Q) and have the ability to extract a large percentage of oxygen from that blood into the muscle. Since anaerobic metabolism is easily and rapidly exhausted, exercise cannot be continued above VO2max for more than a few minutes. This is why VO2max is a good indicator of aerobic / endurance performance.  VO2max is measured in a laboratory using a device called a metabolic cart. This computerized device measures the difference between the inspired and expired air. VO2max is then calculated.

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