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Join our exclusive group of www.myveloride.com correspondents from all over the world, and help inspire others to become passionate about life by utilizing the best toy ever invented by mankind:     THE BICYCLE.

By becoming a www.myveloride.com correspondent you will be able to join our camp absolutely free, attend our annual local meeting of correspondents, wear a www.myveloride.com uniform, wear our "life & cycling / www.myveloride.com " wristband, get access to our team of professionals who represent www.myveloride.com and also you will be able to ride on a personal basis with our team of coaches.



Be a part of a group ride on the regular basis and keep us inform of your group ride during  the week . Just send us an email, photo or video of your rides during the week.

For additional information on how to become a LOCAL CORRESPONDENT for www.myveloride.com please send us an email to: info@myveloride.com



Martin Ramirez is an inspiration for any cyclist. Not only did he manage to make a successful career as a professional bike racer in the 80's, but he also obtained a college degree in Business Administration, which later led him to become a very successful entrepreneur. Martin owns several pharmacies and transportation companies in Bogota. His dreams and aspirations led him to win some major international races such as the Dauphine Libere against elite cycling cyclists such as Bernard Hinauld, Gred Lemond, Sean Kelly, Phill Anderson, etc. Martin Ramirez will host our cycling camps in Colombia, where you will have the opportunity to share cycling stories and also go riding with him.


















































































































Licensiado Hector Urrego, is one of the most respected journalists in world cycling. He has been transmitting live for over 30 years some of the most important races in the world, such as the Tour de France, The Giro, La Vuelta, The Worlds, etc. He owns several businesses amount them a radio talk show about cycling called: "LA HORA DEL CICLISMO" that has be broadcasted for over 35 years. In addition, he owns a cycling magazine called Mundo Ciclistico. Lic. Hector Urrego is in charge of all our media and world press.


Mr. Benitez is a graduate in Educational Science from the University of Cundinamarca . He became director of human resources at the University of Antonio Narino, which enrolls over 15,000 students. At that time Mr. Benitez was overseeing about 25 teachers. His passion for cycling started early in life, and as a teenager he used to listed to live transmissions of the Tour, la Vuelta and The Giro of Italy. At the present time Mr. Benitez is a Level 3 USA licensed coach, and he is fully commited to helping athletes of all levels to improve. He is also fully commited to the future growth of www.myveloride.com and its foundation. Currently he is in charge of human resources for www.myveloride.com.



Contact: Jose@myveloride.com


Mr. Fonseca is the founder and CEO of www.myveloride.com ,which was born out of his passion for cycling. His passion for cycling started in his teenagers years when he used to listen live transmissions of the Tour de France by Lic, Hector Urrego and Julio Arrastia. For the past 25 years, he has made USA his home base, where he has achieved several accomplishiment such as: building a successful low voltage company "Universal Center" from the ground up. Mr. Fonseca obtained a Bachelors degree in Business from Mercy College, Dobbs Ferry, NY in 1989, and in 1989-90 he obtained a degree at the University of Dijon, France. In 1989 he was fortunate enough to witness one of the most incredible accomplishments in cycling, when Greg Lemmond beat Lauren Fignon on the last stage of the Tour de France by just a few seconds. As a cyclist he became a 2-time stage road Cat 3 champion, (2007, 2008) and has participated in several masters international races around the world. At the present time he is a USA licensed Coach, and he is completely devoted to the organization www.myveloride.com and to promote the foundation myveloride.com.


Contact: alejandro@myveloride.


Mauricio Garzon, is originally from Colombia but now lives full time in Montreal, Canada. He has been involved with cycling for over 20 years, and his passion for the sport has led him to achieve several major accomplishments as an educator. In 1992 he went to Havana, Cuba to do a major in methodology in exercise training. He has a Bachelors degree in Physical Education from the University of Pedagogica in Colombia. At this time he is studing physiology in Montreal, and he is also a Canada Certified Level 3 Coach. One of his best memories in the sport of cycling is the time he was able to take an under 23 Canadian Cycling Team to compete in The Tour of L'avenir in Colombia (Vuelta a la Juventud). The Canadian team was trilled to participate in this event and they are looking foward
to coming back to Colombia.

You may contact Mauricioi at: mauricio@myveloride.com



Lic. Hector Urrego

Martin Ramirez






Alex Bianchi, was born in an immigrant Italian family in Colombia., so cycling is definately in his blood. He started riding his bike at the age of 20 and went on to compete in a few prestigious amateur races.
After moving to the US he started riding again, and he transmitted his passion for cycling to his son, Giancarlo, who  became Jr. Track State Champion in Florida. Giancarlo now lives in New York, where he is about to graduate in Industrial Engeneering. Alex Bianchi has been a System administrator for Royal Caribbean for the past 14 years.

You may contact Alex Bianchi at: abianchi@myveloride.com





Filippo, is a vivid cyclist. He is being a resident for the past 11 years of Carrboro NC. He enjoy riding with two cycling groups, www.Tarwheels.org   and http://tricyclists.com.

Fillippo, is also a Spinning instructor at two Gyms, Carolina Fitness in Carrboro and 02 Fitness in Chapel hill (NC). Mr. Porco obtained a BS from Duke University and a certification as a Nurse Aide from Durham Technical College in Durham, North Carolina.

You may contact Filippo at:









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